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Central Oklahoma Honey. Bottled by KeNuC LLC

Our Wild Flower Honey comes from Central Oklahoma area.


Our Story

 I am a third generation beekeeper raising Honey Bees in Oklahoma. I have been raising honey bees most of my life. For the past 30 years i have been selling Honey and Nuc's. I started my commercial operation in 2010  and currentlay have 250 hives. All of the honey bees are scattered throughout central Oklahoma During Honey makeing season. We usually rob the Honey twice a year. Except on rare occasions our honey is concidered wildflower. When we get a crop of what we think is 90% single crop honey we lable it accordingly.  

Our Products

Our Honey is pure, raw Honey. It comes out of the honey comb and goes into the jars. There is no processing, adulterating, or pasteurizing. The honey is strained, not filtered. And the local pollen is left blended into the honey naturally. 

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4-frame Nuc of bees

We start taking orders in November. You must call in to secure your order, 405-964-2337

Our four frame Nucs of honey bees will often make honey that you can extract your first season.

Four Frame Nuc with young laying Queens


Our Queens are grafted from our survivor stock of Oklahoma honey bees. They are selected for their Mite resistance, and honey production. They are also some of the gentlest honey bees in our apiary. 

Our Queens are all marked before sold.


 They are mostly Italian honey bees, with a bit of dark honey bees in the genetics. 

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we'll be at Shawnee mall Dec. 15th through Dec. 24th

10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Shawnee Mall

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we'll be at Shawnee mall Dec. 15th through Dec. 24th

10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Shawnee Mall

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